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Image of Lynda

Lynda Schrack – Vocals/rhythm guitar

Lynda has been singing since she could open her mouth. Her family hoped she’d outgrown it but sadly that never happened. Her musical accomplishments include beating out her rival for the lead in the 9th grade musical performance of the theme from Flashdance. She later went on to win the Lisle and Hahn 99.5 KISS Radio Big Bend Over and Back song writing competition where she met many unscrupulous musicians that she’s still pals with today.

Lynda is the former front man (woman) for the rock band Mercydate, and founding member of Acquiesce. She is madly in love with the chill laid back vibe of this band and marvels at how easily and organically they all work together. “It just keeps getting out”.

FAVORITE thing about being in AQ? I’m a lucky girl living out a life long passion. I get the priveledge of performing next to some amazing musicians and calling them my friends. The bonus is I can be over the top with my hair, make-up, clothes and jewelry and nobody cares because I’m in a band. As my son once told me “Go big or go home mom”.

Image of Tom

Tom Saliceti – Lead Guitar, Vocals

From the early age of twelve, singing in local garage bands and from the moment he first strummed a guitar; music has been life's momentum behind Tom. Holding the role of lead guitarist and vocalist for a number of different bands over the years while he supported his family, he was never too tired to pick up his Les Paul or Stratocaster.

Tom and Lynda met while traveling in the same musical circles. He reluctantly made the jump to Acquiesce after much begging and pleading from Lynda. Playing acoustic guitar was a new world for him and he wasn’t sure he wanted to move in that direction but quickly adjusted in finding new ways to express tone much to his liking. His talents crossed over nicely and the sound came together quickly. Without a full band behind him he had to find new ways to fill out the depth of the rhythm while still keeping the integrity of the songs. Tom’s musical style has helped add a new layer of dynamics to the band that elevates our overall sound.

FAVORITE thing about being in AQ? I quickly learned the majority of time gigging was spent on the enjoyment and expression of the music and not the hours loading and unloading heavy equipment trying to set up to play. I never realized such simplicity could sound so great!

Image of Michael

Michael Jordan – Percussion

Bio coming soon!

Image of Scott

Rudy Balderaz - Guitar, Vocals

Bio coming soon!

Image of Scott

Scott MacWilliams – Percussion

In 2006 Scott relocated from California to San Antonio. Not only did we gain an experienced drummer we picked up a new SPURS fan as well. As he integrated into the SA music scene he crossed paths with Lynda when he joined her band Mercydate and later with Tom, when he became a part of his band Scratch. It would take a few years but eventually he would become part of Acquiesce. For several years Scott split his time between Acquiesce and his other band Thrill Theory, but as the demands and popularity of TT have increased he was force to pass the reins to Michael Jordan. You can still catch him sitting in with Acquiesce from time to time as a guest percussionist.

While drums have always been Scott’s first love the cajon quickly gained ground. A new instrument for him, the cajon has proven to be a bit of a challenge as it’s quite different from playing a full set of drums. As the percussionist he has to find new ways to fill out the sound and compliment the band.

Scott enjoys the freedom to use his cajon to do any style or genre of music Acquiesce tackles. “Whether its rock, R & B, country, or whatever – we just do our own acoustic interpretation of the songs and make them our own”.

FAVORITE thing about being in AQ? The set up and tear down of a cajon is A LOT easier than traditional drums. I love it!!!”


Robert Balderaz - Guitar, Vocals

Bio coming soon!